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Ya know, if you think long and hard on Dec. 10th at the O2 Dome, you know the audience is never gonna let the band leave the stage when they finish their set for the night. :D So you know they are obviously gonna do a string of encores after.

What is your choice of song to end the concert with completely?

My choice would definitely be "Bring It On Home", it's a perfect song to end the show and will give the audience a happy pumped up feeling.

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Encore #1:

Bring it on Home >

Wearing and Tearing (...and then you ask for Medication, who cares for Medication, when you've thrown away the Cure.)

Encore #2:

All of My Love>

Sea of Love> Good Rockin' Tonight aka Rockin' at Midnight (don't forget this IS for Ahmet!!).

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