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I must really have lost my sense of humour, Sorry no idea why thats funny at all :blink:

That's okay. Seriously. Thank goodness we don't all have the same tastes, eh? One man's piece of art is another man's piece of crap. (That's why I included the word "Possibly" in the title). Judging by the posts on YouTube, a lot of people didn't think the video funny, and worse thought it offensive. But some thought it indeed hilarious.

I guess I liked the parts where the band is actually synched to the Blues Brothers' cover of Rubber Biscuit (a minor radio hit back in the day), like Bonzo drumming at the beginning, Robert talking to the audience, etc.


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Thanks I needed that!

I think I'm getting laid off tomorrow :(

Well that sucks for the time being ... new horizons ahead for ya! (I know how it feels, I was 'downsized' recently).

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