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What's YOUR Blues name?

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Blind Fingers Bailey! B)


The Honeydripper Blues

"I woke up this mornin'..." etc, etc :D

john lee hooker... yes?

always reminds me of how he died - in his sleep apparently!

a great way to go no doubt AND he could sing that song in heaven

as in "i didn't wake up this morning" der der de de


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Being the goofball that I am, I had to bring this thread up! Can't believe I found this! :P 

I don't have a middle name. So, without a middle name, my Blues name was : Sleepy Jefferson

This name kinda makes sense, as I love napping, especially during the weekends! :P 

But, I did a little tinkering and I got an alternative Blues name : Sleepy Black Jefferson

This one seemed a little strange to me, as the name Sleepy Brown Jefferson, would have been way more appropriate! ;) 


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I hopped three trains to git hyah an' I intend to drink me some whisky and play for your satisfaction tonite at the fish fry down at the river.

They call me Skinny Bones Brown an' I travels ALL around!

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