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Kashmir in CR top 100


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Each issue of Classic Rock always seems to have a nod to Zep in one form or another :thumbsup:

The new issue has the Top 100 Greatest Ever Rock Songs...not the usuals, the hits, etc but the connoisseur's choice.In the words of CR "the songs that give you kudos amongst other rock fans" The 100 were voted for by the rock elite and the readers. They went in reverse alphabetical order so no #1...good way to do it I say :D

Anyway, here is a scan of the write up about Kashmir. I was really pleased reading Eddie Kramer's acknowledgement of JPJ's involvement with it. Big it up for Jonesy!!


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Yeah, CR seems to always find a way to tie into LZ. This is great and the bit about JPJ is great and oft overlooked.

FYI and FWIW in this years annual listner poll of alltime greats, Stockholm radiostation, Rockklassiker - 106.7, rated Kashmir. . .1 well ahead of Metallicas One at 2, and STH at 3.

At any rate thanks for the post.


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