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Rare Zeppelin pics...

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Nice one. What year was this?

1978. It was a charity football match, not sure who the other two are tho the guy on the left looks a teeny bit like Kevyn Gammond (on reflection - nah) and the one on the right reminds me of a DJ.

But really - these pics are FAR more interesting. Maybe if I scan them seperately this time so they're bigger. Holy shit look - Southampton 1973!





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Is that one from the English '73 Tour as well?

I don't know Otto. It's actually a sticker. :blink: Anyone date it? The sticker is from 1974.

Glad you like them RH!

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Woo! Man those are amazing! :o:thumbsup:

Thanks for those Knebby. :) I think this is my favorite thread actually. *

* well, this one and the "Who's that bloke with..." one as well.

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These two are from Newcastle Mayfair on the back-to-the-clubs tour of 1971. Sam has a couple of these in the Timeline photos but they are different.



And I just like these two, tho the first one isn't really 'rare'. :)



PS- Hi Ocean!

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