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Best Song Off Led Zeppelin IV?


Best Song Off Led Zeppelin IV?  

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  1. 1. Songs

    • Black Dog
    • Rock And Roll
    • Battle Of Evermore
    • Stairway To Heaven
    • Misty Mountain Hop
    • Four Sticks
    • Going To California
    • When The Levee Breaks

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  • 3 weeks later...

This is sort of akin to asking someone who their favourite child is or which is their favourite pet... it's virtually impossible to answer. That said, the songs on this album each have their own distinct vibe and mood. Black Dog and Rock & Roll are probably as great a one-two punch to open an album as any in history... then, out of nowhere, we are taken on a completely different journey when those mandolin's and acoustic guitars start off Battle Of Evermore. Just when you think it's safe to catch your breath you get Stairway...

Side two is just as powerful with MMH and Four Sticks... then the beauty and grace of Going To California... and as that dreamy song fades out the power, the mystery, and the hammer of the Gods comes in with all its force for the closing Levee...

To try and get a feel for this I went to my iTunes and checked out my play-list titled: Zoso...

The most played songs, in order are:

Going To California - 319 listens

When The Levee Breaks - 313

Battle Of Evermore - 307

Four Sticks - 296

Misty Mountain Hop - 288

Stairway To Heaven - 33

Black Dog - 31

Rock & Roll - 22

Wow! Decidedly in favour of the tracks that radio plays the least... :D Going and Levee are just an awesome, back-to-back pair of songs because you get everything that Zeppelin was about in just two songs.

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I cannot pick a favorite, so sorry...but what makes this album so special to me was how the band did not label it with the group/band name or title it and it was a way of showing the idiot critics back then that people would buy it and buy it we did. The statement that they made IMHO with that brilliant decision to this day makes me smile.

Edit: Just to many great songs to chose one

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  • 6 months later...

Misty Mountain Hop!

This has really personal reasoning behind it because it's actually the first Led Zeppelin song I can remember from when I was a child. I was brought up on Zeppelin, et al, and as I grew up into a bit of a music geek (hello understatement of the day) I developed an appreciation of this song musically. There is not a thing wrong with it, it's perfection.

Plus, I like to dance to it after one too many wines. biggrin.gif

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Not only strange that When the Levee Breaks has a two vote lead over Stairway, but that Black Dog and Rock and Roll arent getting more votes. If this poll was done in a large sample Stairway to Heaven would walk away with it by over 60 percent of the vote. This is a small sample size and many here for some reason or other just try to diminish the greatest song ever done by humans.

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Levee, every day and in every way. When I first got LZ4, I remember being thoroughly intimidated by this monstrous mountain of sound for the first few listens, then it all began to make sense. There is something uniquely transportive and other-worldly about it.

When my ex-wife kicked me out and I was having to acclimatise to only seeing my kids at weekends, I was sitting there in tormented silence with my head in my hands one Sunday afternoon after they'd gone back to her, wondering what the hell to do with the rest of my day. So I put Levee on, very loudly. Two minutes later, I was dancing around the room swigging from a bottle of Chateauneuf du Pape. That was 10 years ago, and I still recall vividly the bliinding flash of insight and inspiration it gave me - 'Everything's gonna be alright'. Witness the Healing Power of Rock! If they could bottle this stuff, there'd be no need for religion.

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  • 5 months later...

"Stairway To Heaven"

Led Zeppelin IV has a really great songs but this was not a hard question because "Stairway To Heaven" is just a pure masterpiece and it really stands out in my opinion. My second pick would be "When The Levee Breaks". It is the only song on this album which comes close to "Stairway To Heaven" in my opinion.

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Yeah....My first answer to the question "best song off LZ4" was: YES. ALL of them.

But narrowing it down, WTLB gets my vote today...Just like ALL their songs...It's a mood thing. It can change in an instant. That's what makes them so great. Their ability to adapt to MY moods. (hahaha!)


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