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Best Song Off Led Zeppelin IV?


Best Song Off Led Zeppelin IV?  

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  1. 1. Songs

    • Black Dog
    • Rock And Roll
    • Battle Of Evermore
    • Stairway To Heaven
    • Misty Mountain Hop
    • Four Sticks
    • Going To California
    • When The Levee Breaks

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Really, really hard to choose.

Personal favorite, probably 4 sticks.

Honours John.

Depends on the day and mood though.

tend to sleep with my leg bent in the 4 position too.

The song is heavy. And hey, Red River is a cereal.

So much for little games and puzzles .

Now it's time to get real. :lol:

Wonder if it's a Coaster thing?

Four Sticks.

Today anyway, ask me again tomorrow.

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Believe it or not I didn't like WTLB the first few times I heard it. :mellow: Then one day I really listened to the part where Robert sings "don't it make you feel bad... then it just got me. I listened more and more and realized how great it was (is). My second fav is Battle of Evermore...a damn romantic song! Then Four Sticks... that riff gets me every time.

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I couldn't vote. Led IV had eight tunes on it, all of them flow a certain way and all of them link to a general broader theme.

Led IV is one of the greatest albums every recorded by anyone. I can't pick just one tune. They're all dependent on the last one.

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When The Levee Breaks, But then again i listen to it on vinyl so i tend to listen to the whole LP at a time, Its a crcking peice of work and you cant beat the sound vinyl brings

I agree. I have come to love listening to Zeppelin, and a lot of other bands, on vinyl. There is something about it.

And Levee is just amazing to listen to on vinyl! B)

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I picked Stairway.... Kinda feel I Have to.

Yet how can you say anysong off that album is the Best.

Not many Albums can pull that off.

Going to California is 1 of my Favs too...

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ok whats the point of this pole since this album has "Stairway to Heaven" which is the greatest rock song of all time PERIOD!!! (ADER!) and i thought EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US would choose that but NOOOO

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Great album!

Great songs!

Wanted to pick Four Sticks or Rock n Roll

but picked...

When The Levee Breaks


It's the song with the most balls!

Seriously, great song that has everything. This song should have been played live much more than it was!

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