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Which band member do you look most like?


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Some friends of mine call me Percy becouse they say I look like Robert Plant... Time Ago on a bus I met an englishman and he told me the same thing when we started to speak about Led Zeppelin.

The problem is that I'm a woman :P

well, he is a beautiful man so I guess it's not that bad. :D

I don't know who I most look like.. probably Robert though. and that's mainly cause of our hair colour. :lol:

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I would say you resemble Jimmy....throw on a dragon suit and away you go :)

Man, I'd love to have one of those ...


... too bad I don't play guitar. But Jonesy did have his own colourful outfits playing keyboards.

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I can't wait for the film to come out, I'm sure it'll be excellent as the novel. B)

You're quite uncanny to Jimmy with shags, but with your short hair; You look like McLovin' (which is pretty badass btw. :D )

Really? My hair's still pretty long. I haven't had my hair this short since I was a little kid:


As for the Watchmen film, he fact that Alan Moore hasn't completely disowned it says a lot.

Marmorek, the reptile and my ex look at me exactly the same way - picture it with Catherine Zeta Jones's hair.....scary dude.


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