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The "war on drugs" industry (law enforcement, courts, prisons, etc,) is doing very well off my taxes, thank you.

How about "Punk is bunk and disco's dead, so just say no and turn up the Led."?

Hey, maybe I can get a federal grant!

How's it going "Evster and "chef free?" I must confess, I have never been a big fan of Punk or Disco. BUT, if I had to choose between Punk, Disco or Hip Hop and Rap, I would choose Punk and Disco over Hip Hop and Rap ANYDAY! How bout all of you? ROCK ON!

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thank the federal goverment for LSD. good going there, CIA! but things aren't always what they seem, are they? try to control people, but they turned them loose instead. (warm spot in my heart for ken kesey right now)

the prisons aren't filled with drug dealers, it's filled with drug users.

and between 55 and 60 percent of the federally incarcerated are drug violations.

pot and coke are indigenous to north and south america, btw. although hashish's origins are elsewhere, the cannabis originally came from over here. (ev knows this, it's just my lead-in for:

and why did the top forensic scientist in britian, a woman responsible for the DNA convictions of some of the most ghastly killers in the country, find that mummies in the british museum have pot and coke in their mummified tissue?

seems, what pharoah wants, pharoah gets-even if you have to row your ass over on a reed boat to get pharoah his baggie and ball.

just sayin...... :mellow:


punk is crunk

disco is dead

roll a big fattie

and turn up the led!

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