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Salutations..from Neeu Yawk!


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Hello fellow led heads!

My name is Oswaldo...but you can call me Ozzy. I'm a -- die -- hard -- fan of the Rock Gods in the Olympus aka Led Zeppelin.

They have been a great part in my life, their music is like a sanctuary to me when I'm feeling down, when I'm bored, in a good mood, or by myself. It really doesn't matter.

I'm only 21 but I've loved them ever since I was 10, and no, nobody really made me listen to them at the beginning. I just discovered them myself.

Sadly, I don't find a lot of people of my age, who feel the same way about them, or at least listen to them 70% of their time. So I'm glad I found this corner, where I can talk about the music that I love the most!

Nice to meet you all! :P

BTW, I'm thinking in getting the 4 symbols tattooed on my body, but that won't be until the winter comes.

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