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Led Zeppelin : Mothership Special Edition Vinyl


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Led Zeppelin : Mothership Special Edition Vinyl and 'Making-of' video

August 26, 2008

We wanted to remind you all that the fantastic Mothership vinyl box-set is now available to order from ledzeppelin.com. [Click here to order] .

To give you an idea of the level of care that goes into the manufacture of the box set, you can see a video of the process. [Click here to view the "making-of" video]

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Nice video....thanks for sending the e-mail notification on it too.

A related question -- Can someone explain what the qualifying "180 gram" bit is about? Is that done with all CDs or all boxed CDs?

Wick says:

New "virgin" or "heavy" (180–220 g/m2) vinyl is commonly used for modern "audiophile" vinyl releases in all genres. Many collectors prefer to have 180 g/m2 vinyl albums, and they have been reported to have a better sound than normal vinyl. These albums tend to withstand the deformation caused by normal play better than regular vinyl. 180 g/m2 vinyl is more expensive to produce and requires higher-quality manufacturing processes than regular vinyl.

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That was cool.

I wish I had a decent record player!

Don't. Given the shoddy production values of this manufacturer, by not having a turntable you've saved yourself a lot of money and aggravation.

Posting this video here in light of all the reported problems with these releases is pretty obnoxious.

Someone in quality control was asleep at the switch - for a few weeks.



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