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What would you want the title of the new album to be?


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If these guys actually put an album out, what would you like the title to be? Since there last album was In Through the Out Door, my pick is:

Out Through the In Door :blink:

How's it going fellow die hard hard core ZEPPELIN fanatics? I'm using my lap top while I'm drunk at the local bar on Friday night as usual. If THE MIGHTY LED ZEPPELIN does release a new album in the near future, what do you think about "NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN," "A NEW BEGINNING," "NEW STAGE & PHASE," "BELIEVE IT OR NOT," "BELIEVE" or "BACK IN FULL FORCE?" I know many of you out there have better ones, lets hear them. Right now, its really hard for me to type on a lap top when you're shit faced. Ha Ha! ROCK ON!

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Call it Led Zeppelin as a personal statement that this is not the same Led Zeppelin but is. As if they were starting over.

Or call it "Starting over".


Believe it or not ;The Yardbirds are still touring at this moment. so even the name like the New Yardbirds which lead to the start of led zeppelin would be out of the question.If they left out the E between the L and called them selves LED ZEPPLIN but that could create issues if Robert turned nasty.From all accounts from what people have said about Robert he sounds like a nice guy so who knows. :wtf:

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They could call it Coda meaning "The concluding passage of a movement or composition". signifying the end of an era and closure of a fantastic body of work. I think this would really draw a line under the bands career and send a definitive statement to fans...... er hang on a minute!

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This is very similar to another thread over on the News Forum. They beat you by a mere 18 minutes.


Actually it was discussed on the Newbies forum back in April.

It beat both of these by four months!


So for me it would be.

Chinese Whispers:


- Led Zeppelin (only if Robert were involved)

- Hindenberg JP, JPJ, JB & whomever for the vocalist(s)

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how about?

"we wish other people would stop thinking about it, because we're never going to use one they suggest anyway"?


"it's all robert's fault"

"jimmy's 1/4 chinese burger"

"nobody's fault but robert's"

"jimmy vs barrington colby"

"what backward masking?"

"alison and robert sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g"

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