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A Strange, Creepy, Increidbly Real Dream


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I ask was it a vision because, rarely, I have had dreams come true. And there's a difference between those dreams that are just dreams and those dreams that have come true.

My regular dreams are like all regular dreams. Things seem surreal... you know you're dreaming... and sometimes you forget that dream when you wake up.

However, when I have these dream-visions, I forget I'm dreaming. Things are so real, I can feel them. I've cut myself in these things, and not only can I feel the pain, but I can feel the blood coming out of the cut. One of these dreams saved my Brother's life. I was driving tired and Aaron was out walking, though I didn't know it. I fell asleep at the wheel, went onto the sidewalk, and hit him. When I hit him, I hit my head on the steering wheel, hard. And I felt it. The dream was excruciatingly real. Barely a week later, it came true, except I was able to change it. When I realized I was falling asleep, I remembered the dream, opened my window, and turned up the radio loud. I then saw my brother walking and picked him up... and made him drive us home the rest of the way.

I told you that story so you understand that occasionally I have dreams that do come true. They tell me what's going to happen. That dream is the only one that I've ever had to change, as the other outcomes were never bad... until now.

I had another one of these dream-visions. I don't have many details, but this is what I remember:

Something was severely wrong in America. We had a corrupt Government. I don't know who it was running, but I do know we Democratically voted this person in as President. Suddenly they became a dictator, and America changed. The majority of the country was poor. It now had a whispered, cynical name amongst residents: The Divided Ghettos of America. Why? Because no one had the money for anything. Everyone lived in the ghetto. If you kept anything before this administration came to power, it was only because you already owned. We also had no freedoms. None. The entire Constitution had been burned at the steps of the Capitol, publicly. If you spoke against the Government or worked against the Government, you were put to death. No trial, no nothing. Just killed. And every level, from the top all the way down to the local cops, was corrupt.

I don't know how it came about, or why there was no outright revolution to put this Government down. Possibly because, at first, they courted us, and then turned on us when we least expected it. I know, in my dream, they ruled only by fear. And I don't know why no other country would help.

I do know that my family was part of a secret organization working against this Government known, unimaginatively, as "The Freedom Fighters." This group must have been powerful, because there was a huge price on our heads. I also know there was an even more secret society within the group known as "The Circle," which I was a member of... we did dirty work to protect our respective areas... stealing (in the sense of Robin Hood, but also to get gadgets and weapons to help us in our work), fighting, protecting... we didn't mind killing if we had to. But only against the Government. We proteced our areas and the people living in them.

I know that America was dark. I know that there was a poster hanging up somewhere that been spray-painted with something- maybe a campaign poster, I'm not sure. The poster had something about change... spray-painted underneath the word "change" was "is evil."

This one worries me because, again, it was real. It was NOT like a normal dream. I got shot in this dream, in the leg, and I could feel it. In fact, it was that pain that ultimately woke me up, and no, there was no mark on my leg, nor was their any pain in waking, besides the memory.

But I thought I'd share, especially for those who are good at interpreting dreams. Should I be worried? Should we be worried? You could say I'm over-reacting to nothing, but most of these have come true. Not all, mind you, but most. Maybe it was just vivid because I remember it that way and I really am over-reacting. I don't know. I can't know. All I know is, it seemed real enough that I felt getting shot very clearly, and when a dream I have is that real, more times then not it comes true.

I just thought I'd get this off my chest, let you all read it... maybe someone can interpret it... help me feel better about it...

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Sounds like a good idea for a Kurt Russell movie...


Yes, it does, doesn't it?

I never have lucid dreams. I'm never aware that I'm dreaming. They always feel real until I wake up.


Maybe your dream is about what it's like to perceive things from another person's perspective, as in outside of the USA, living in a country where such a thing is a reality

That's an interesting way to look at it.

What was your bedtime reading? 1984?

No... actually, it was J.R.R. Tolkein's Unfinished Tales.

Sometimes deep rooted fears also present themselves in dream fashion. Perhaps this is an unconcsious fear that you have?
Not necessarily a vision. Dreams usually reflect our subconscious fears and expectations.

If that's the case, it's not a fear I'm aware of. I admit, I don't trust Obama or McCain, but only because politicians just aren't trustworthy, as we all know. My distrust of them has nothing to do with this... at least, as far as I know.

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