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hey to all I'm new to this forum. I turned 18 3 days ago and I been listening to Led Zeppelin since 1997. Led Zeppelin for me at first wasn't all that interesting... until I learned philosophy, and philosophy is to be able to think. So when I was able to think right, I realized that Led Zeppelin's music was one of a kind, the kind of band that uses their instruments at the top of their potential to create a unique and amazing pattern which entertains 100% of my brain.

At first I was hooked onto songs like... Hots on for no where, Stairway to heaven, Kashmir etc...

Then I started smoking pot and I started to enjoy Tangerine, 10 years gone, Over the hills and far away, No Quarter, What is and should never be, When the levee breaks, dazed and confused, Ramble on and much more...

And since I turned 17, I realized that all of Led Zeppelin songs are superior to any other kind of music or song. So I decided I'd write about every single song... what I thought it meant, how I felt about it and how I felt about the lyrics... then I concluded that every instrument and lyric are perfectly synchronized to form a perfect flow, and meaning. This is why today, I believe in Led Zeppelin... I believe that there is a god that no one has known or ever heard of who was guiding Led Zeppelin to their success, may that god bless them.

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