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I can't believe that Jimmy doesn't have anything left in the vault. He probably has a lot of super 8 footage, and hopefully some more "pro-shot" stuff. I'm not sure if there is some sort of stumbling block, or what he has to do to get his own footage back from venues that may have been taping. Like "Houston77" or any other big show for that matter. I can't believe there isn't more footage of tampa and kezar 73'. Maybe he doesn't feel that at the present time some of it isn't just "up to snuff" enough for him to spend the time digitally remastering all of it and putting it out. Also they played a lot of "Bill Grahm" (sp) shows, maybe he, and his ESTATE still refuse to let go of their footage. Let's face it, Led Zeppelin just played and played and played. It was like the "Good The Bad and the Ugly" all mixed inside of one wonderful career. Sometimes Robert's voice was bad, Sometimes Jimmy wasn't there, and every show was so different night to night with tempos and sound and performances that you couldn't possibly splice it together and make it seem cohesive.

Could you imagine if they had a film crew w/ them all of the time? On one hand, we may have had the best footage ever, but on the other hand they may have never been that "loose". If they had a camera crew in front of them all night long during every concert,things wouldn't be the same. Plant wouldn't have had his wonderful "Plantations" They wouldn't have said "What the Fuck, Let's take a "chug and a snort"and go out and blow everyone away. That's why Earls Court footage is different than L.A. 75' footage, "They knew they were being professionally filmed". One of the things that makes them so great is they didn't care if they made a mistake, every performance had it's up's and downs, and highs and low's. It was "Improv" at it's best. Some nights were "impeccable", some were "average" and some were "in-between".

I, would love to see all of their footage, but I am a "Die-Hard" Zep fan. I can watch fuzzy super 8's w/ dubbed sound. I can listen to and watch, and "obssess" over sub-par concerts because I'm watching "them". Jimmy knows he can't release stuff like that.

Hopefully Jimmy or somebody close to Jimmy reads this stuff, because this is my advice. Jimmy should find a way to put it out, so their fans can see it, without letting somebody else capitalize off of it. Such as bootleggers. No offense to bootleggers either, because this stuff wouldn't be available now if it wasn't for bootleggers. But this is his dilemma. He can't honestly put it out on the market, and sell it. If he puts it on Yu-tube somebody will download it and package it and sell it, If he sells it to his favorite bootlegger so it stays underground, other bootleggers will still repackage it and sell it.

All I know is that I want to see it all!!!

Great Question! It's been bothering me for years! Hope I didn't go on too long!

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