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Your favourite Plant vocal

Jimmy's A Legend

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wow! thats a tough one...... love his screeching on since i've been loving you.....;... bring it on home the middle section with the riff......bring it on home to me babayyyy!!! no quarter at the end.. gives me goosebumps every time.. and stairway when he comes in like a damn banshee.. haha but every thing he does always seems to sound perfect doesnt it??

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I'd have to say IMTOD, Black Dog, Dazed and Confused, and the most underrated and never not mentioned, Trampled Underfoot.

The thing about Trampled Underfoot that gives me chills is the rawness and raspiness in Plants vocals. That is one song, along with IMTOD, that I wished they could have closely reproduced on stage. Just one time, I wish I could've heard Plant sing Trampled Underfoot onstage with that same vocal sound. It really is the most rawest Plant has sounded.

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First of all, I love Robert's voice. It's hard to choose a favorite.

"Since I've Been Loving You"

"Babe I'm Gonna Leave You"

"Communication Breakdown"

"Whole Lotta Love"

"Stairway To Heaven"

"Black Dog"

"No Quarter"


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This is really hard but I might have to say


In My Time of Dying

That's the Way


Battle of Evermore

~I could go on but I'll stop there.

Raising Sand I think is all beautiful and I've been listening to Fate of Nations again recently and I'm loving it.

and I agree "..and if I say to you tomorrow..." just lovely

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I've been looking at this thread for months and trying to come up with THE vocal....but i can't.

I'm gonna throw out The Lemon Song and be done with it.

One that I considered as well.

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I have to start out by saying that every song that he sang was totally fantastic in its own way. Every range, pitch and note was perfect for each song. That being said, two of my favorites with his vocal range are IMTOD and SIBLY. But for the record, I love them all.

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