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Your favourite Plant vocal

Jimmy's A Legend

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  • 7 years later...

The Rain Song - vocal (performance)

Stairway To Heaven - vocal (Lyrics)

Calling To You - vocal (energy)

Thank You - vocal (subtlety)

Trampled Underfoot / Kashmir - vocal (Live) tie


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Night Flight

This is an absolute brutal song to try and sing. There are songs where Plant goes higher but the parts of the song where he is pushing his vocal is in a particularly difficult range and key. IMO this is the single most difficult Led Zep song to sing.

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A few favs:

When the Levee Breaks

Like I've Never Been Gone

Big Log

Live - WLL from Bradford 1-18. There's a richness to his voice, combined with just the right amount of raspiness and swagger. For me, this is the sweet spot of 73 Plant vocals, just sounds timeless. And the delivery is absolutely perfect. 

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Great to see Night Flight getting lotsa love....deservedly so, beyond that...

Percy at his priapic peak includes the following:

1) Dazed and Confused....no matter how many times Plant grouses about his early lack of vocal subtlety and nuance, the power and audacity here is incredible...

2) Whole Lotta Love....nuff said

3)Black Dog...sex, sex and rock and roll

4) WTLB....Plant sincerely inhabits the emotion of the blues here instead of merely aping the blues the way he did on the first album...

Post Zep best....Ship of Fools, Let the Four Winds Blow


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