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Jimmy and john paul working together?

misty mountain

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On Saturday night (just gone); my partner wanted to take me to see the rolling stones "Shine a light".Now I'm not really a Rolling stones fan but went just to keep the "peace".I actully could see some similarity between Ronnie Woods and Keith Richards as to jimmy page and john Paul Jones.It was interesting because Ronnie and Keith both shared the lead guitar roles as in sharing in guitar solo's etc. As we left the theater; I felt that they had a similar style of feeding off each other in the way that john paul can lead (although be it the bass guitar or piano/organ) and inter mingling there styles to produce that special sound .(could you imagine"stairway to heaven" without the melotron /organ intro) With all the negative talk I can see about Robert not wanting to be a part of Led zeppelin .I'd like to say that on the 1st song that mick jagger sang he couldn't Hit the high notes ,but tended to let the backing vocalist carry the notes for him.If there is to be no more Led Zeppelin ;then I really hope that jimmy and john paul jones can still put something together. As from what i saw on Saturday night ,the stones had so much energy for guys (may I say "ugly and old") of there age. :lol: Rock on jimmy and john Paul ,You'll never be that old. :wtf:

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