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Finding Led Zeppelin in unrelated places


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Certainly are my friends. I realise that their not totally applicable to this thread as it was at the Zeppelin gig BUT they still are beautiful images and very much worth sharing.

so you were there? how cool! do you have more pics to share? i love the way they had the four symbols so prominent, i would have had shivers just seeing those!

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Off topic but an interesting coincidence here: I had an e-mail today from a "Jimmy Page". I figured it was someone using his name to draw attention to spam but it's actually from a Jimmy Page who is the Circulation Manager for Drug Discovery News. I had a chuckle and thought it was ironic considering the old interview where Jimmy says he wants to be a biological scientist.

Jimmy Page, Drug Discovery News!! Nah.. can't be. Too much of a coincidence.

Or is it :o

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At KISS's MSG show last night (and probably others on the tour), Paul Stanley played some of the beginning of "Stairway" and even opens his mouth to start singing it before stopping. (There was some booing in the crowd when he was playing it)

Also, at the same show, during the intermission between Buckcherry and KISS's sets, they played "For Your Life" and "Rock and Roll" on the PA.

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There was a documentary on PBS today, about 2 travelers retracing the sea and land routes of Marco Polo. My ears perked up when they played Kashmir. Hope they got permission, as I never hear Zep on television (sports excluded). It was well used, and a good inspiring program.


This program was aired again today.

The use of "Kashmir" was in the part of the film while the two men were in China, crossing part of the Taklamakan Desert in a Silk Road camel caravan.


From the Website:

Many people have big dreams, but only a few bold adventurers live them. Denis Belliveau and Francis O’Donnell took a wild idea – retrace Marco Polo’s entire 25,000-mile, land-and-sea route from Venice to China and back – and spent two incredible years of their lives making their dream a reality.

IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF MARCO POLO, chronicles the journey of two ordinary guys – Belliveau, at the time a wedding photographer, and O’Donnell, an artist and former Marine – as they set out to follow Polo’s historic route. Equal parts travelogue, adventure story, history trek and buddy movie, the 90-minute film weaves footage from the duo’s often perilous voyage with Marco Polo’s descriptions and experiences. Richly enhanced with Belliveau’s award-winning photographs, the program details their highs and lows as they retrace Polo’s path, trying to see what he saw and feel what he must have felt.

IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF MARCO POLO captures the pair as they survive a deadly firefight and befriend a warlord in Afghanistan, cross the forbidding Taklamakan Desert in a Silk Road camel caravan, endure continuous interrogations from authorities, and live among cultures ranging from the expert horsemen of Mongolia to the tattooed tribes of Indonesia.

“We made a pact,” says O’Donnell, “that, under any conditions, no matter what, we were only coming back to the United States two ways – either dead or successful.”

In the spirit of history’s great adventurers, the two make their way across the world’s largest land mass and back, securing – or, when necessary, forging – visas, surviving extreme temperatures, and talking their way out of jams brought on by Tajik soldiers, Chinese security officers, and an assortment of other bureaucrats, border guards and armed warriors.

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Sometimes when I'm listening to a baseball game, they play a clip of a Zep song when they come back from commercial. :)



I'm watching the world series and they play Kashmir alot when the is a lul in the action at Phillie Stadium.

I noticed it last night and again tonight about 3 times so far.

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there's a web site that sells teddy bears that suppose to look like real people...I found this one and it's really funny :D


scroll down a bit and you'll find Robert..

Teddy Robert


Led Zepplin frontman Robert Plant totally looks like King Theoden from the Lord of the Rings

How about this one? :P

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I just finished reading "A Dull Roar" by Henry Rollins. If you're not familiar with his books (shame on you!) they're mainly journal entries... and always a good read.

Was surprised to read this that he wrote:

08-29-06: DALLAS, TX

I walked off the stage and out the back door to the bus. The back door at this club has a pretty cool story behind it. Robert Plant did a show here and said there had to be a back door for him to leave by or he couldn't play the place. So they put a hole in the wall and built him a door. It sounds like a little much, but what the hell - it's Robert Plant!

I thought that was kinda cool especially coming from Henry Rollins. I'm surprised he spoke flatteringly of Robert. I figured since Henry came from the punk movement, he considered Plant to be from the "dinosaur era".

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