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Finding Led Zeppelin in unrelated places

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our company gets product from ThyssenKrupp, I never noticed either. I saw a work truck at my gym a while ago and the company name was Out on the Tiles, thought that was pretty cool.

Just some more info about this.

Thyssen Krupp was not existing when the 4 Symbols came out.But Krupp was ! Krupp (company and family) only got the 3 Rings as their symbol.Not the rest of the pic shown here.

They made the best steal (tanks WW2).

So all this even fits better ! Krupp was based in Essen /Germany.LZ played one of their best concerts there as far as people can remember.

Steele is a part of Essen.The symbol of this place is also a 3 Ring but with the one below.When I rambled around there in childhood times I always moaned:"Steal away,Rosy,steal away!"

I suggested that Steal and Steele were related words.

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I was in Barcelona, on vacation, and while at the Joan Miro Museum I saw this album as part of an overall Art exhibit about different types of media prior to Internet. Sorry, that it is blurry, my wife took the photo.

It looks as if it is Russian. They artist also had Led Zeppelin II, with probably another 250 albums, some obscure and some popular, spelling a word.

This album looks familiar. Does anybody here know when or where it came from




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Unfortunutely not. I didn't have my phone at the time, and I was taking a walk so I didn't expect to see it.

Oh, well. Was just curious. I'm guessing it was the "HOTH" like font, where we first became aware of this type?

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I was at the Texas Rennaissance(?) Festival last Fall and I was listening to a small band composed of an acoustic guitar player, a violinist and a harpist. I was listening to the song they were playing and it sounded familiar but couldn't put my finger on exactly what it was. Finally, the chorus was played and it was Kashmir. It was very cool, in an offbeat sort of way.

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I'm at the GoGos Walk of Fame thing and they're playing "Dancing Days".

Dancing Days just ended and just when I think it's going to be another band, "Misty Mountain Hop" starts! A Zeppelin mix-tape rocking the crowd at a Go Gos event? Who woulda guessed?

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driving to Band of Joy concert in Kyiv we have to go through some patch of road construction on the side, and I caught a glimpse of a huge tractor with ZEPPELIN sign on its rear. I thought I should have taken a photo, but we were running so late.

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Watched "HOT ROD TV" Sunday morning on Speed. I was having breakfast and there was not much else on, so while surfing, something caught my eye. There was a guy wearing a Gibson hat...hello! Let's just take a peek and see what's up here. As it turns out the owner of a hot rod was getting Gibson guitars custom shop to make a guitar to match his car. They chose the Les Paul model for the project. While in their conference room discussing the build I noticed two large pictures on the wall...yup, one of 'em was Jimmy! Sorry, I have no idea who the other guy was (might have been Billy Gibbons since there was a Whole Lotta Beard).

Took long enough for me to tell ya I saw a picture of Jimmy on a wall, huh? Oh well, he's worth it. cool.gif

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Check out the 2nd verse of the new Chickenshit single 'Big Foot',

'Got houses of the holy, on the box,

I got it all cranked up cause, yeah that shit rocks'

While that might be a nice shout out to Zeppelin, it doesn't lessen the degree to which this band flat out fucking sucks.

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