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Finding Led Zeppelin in unrelated places


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There was a documentary on PBS today, about 2 travelers retracing the sea and land routes of Marco Polo. My ears perked up when they played Kashmir. Hope they got permission, as I never hear Zep on television (sports excluded). It was well used, and a good inspiring program.

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Hotel Zoso

I'd certainly stay at this hotel :D

Dude!!! I've driven by that so many times! I always say, "Look! There's the Led Zeppelin hotel!" I had kind of a hard time explaining that one to my parents... There's always a Hotel California in Palm Springs, btw (named after the song and not the other way around, I suppose...the one that inspired it is in Baja, right?).

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Chelsea Lately on E! (cable tv) had a segment regarding the politician who had a sex change recently (man to woman) and Chelsea commented that the person reminded her of Robert. :blink:

Also, watching PBS this past weekend and there was a documentary on cats (not the musical, but real live cats) called, "Wild Cat" and there was a scene when the (British) narrator was talking about one cat in particular saying at night it was "Out On The Tiles" looking for something... :)

R B)

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I work at a hardware store and people always tend to mistake our exit doors for our entrance doors. (they're almost right next to each other) Every time somebody walks in through those doors, I always think, "In through the out door". I actually had a guy walk in and say that one time, we both just smiled. :D

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well, it seems that here in Italy there are a few interesting places:

a camping (camp site)

Camping Led Zeppelin

a restaurant

Ristorante Zeppelin

a travel agency


a web company

Zeppelin Group

and I remember well a cars / trains models store in Milan (Zeppelin - Viale Premuda)

Please note that finding Led Zeppelin is not exactly the same as finding Zeppelin, because of the blimp story ...

So I'll consider valid on this thread the camping only ... and that's name it's absolutely naive for a camping!

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