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Finding Led Zeppelin in unrelated places

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Pandora can be strange.  I usually set up stations based around a specific artist.  But the other day I started a "Jazz" station on Pandora.  About 30 minutes after hearing some different jazz styles I heard WHEN THE LEVEE BREAKS - the alternate mix from the bonus disc.  OK, that was weird.  I was not hitting "like" on any tracks just to see where it went.  Ok, back to jazz, then about an hour later BATTLE OF EVERMORE instrumental version.



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Saturday when I walked into a pizza joint to pick up a calzone "Over the hills and far Away" was playing on the PA system. Sunday when I was walking at the mall a young lady had on a Led Zeppelin t-shirt and I exclaimed to her "all right Led Zeppelin~!" Then later when I walked into an eating establishment the solo entertainer, who looked like Darius Rucker, was singing "Hey hey what can I Do". Mere coincidence? I think not lol

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1 hour ago, Zep Hed said:

The Toronto Raptors of the NBA are playing their home games at Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida. Zeppelin fans should feel right at home as well.


You got two for one on that one. Lol.

VanVleet (Greta Van Fleet) 😁

“Tangerine” 😎🎸👍🎶


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In "Outlander", Season 4, Episode 10, Brienne and Claire are working in the garden and they are reminiscing about things from modern times that they miss (they are living 200 years in the past in Colonial America).  They mention things like peanut butter and jelly, aspirin...and then Brienne says "Led Zeppelin".  Claire says "What?" and Brienne says "It's a music group...you probably wouldn't like them."

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