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Side one or Two?


One or Two?  

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Fast Times at Ridgemont High suggests that whenever you make out with a girl you should always play side one of Led Zeppelin IV. I don't know if I agree with that, what do you think?

I prefer Led Zeppelin III... but what side its on depends on the girl.

A-Side: Good for girls who like it rough and very physical. Sequence of events: starts off with high intensity with Immigrant Song but comes to a little break in the middle with SIBLY, where you come to a fork in the road. You either a: choose to end it during SIBLY where its somewhat meaningful, or b: you keep going through SIBLY and once Out On The Tiles kicks in, well I don't think I need to explain what happens.

B-Side: Good for girls who like it to mean something (lol). I've got to say its pretty tough to climax during Tangerine as its just the second song in, so most of the time, I keep going till That's The Way and finish it off during that. Girls love Tangerine, by the way.

Its a perfect record, really. You might as well throw LZ IV out the window.

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