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Hi there, I am Tyler. B) My closest friends call me Ty-Guy, or T-Lo. :lol: I am 19 years old, I love Hockey, some of my most favourite bands are The Who, Led Zeppelin and last but not least, Aerosmith. I've been posting at the old board for more than three years now and I am happy to start here. Some of my past times include; hanging out with my friends and family, smoking Cigars, playing Hockey, growing out my hair, drinking till I drop and so much more. :D

Hi Tyler, nice to meet you. I'm very into TITANIC, my four puppies, horses, gardening and

reading anything I can get my hands & eyes on. My fave bands are L Z ( NO kidding ? ),

The Doors and The Chicago Symphony Orchestra and a few others.

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Dallas is where I met Robert Plant! Reunion Arena, to be exact, in 1983. He was such a gentleman (darn it! :D ) My friend Jen and I drove down from Norman, Oklahoma with no tickets and only $10 cash between the two of us and both of us made it in. I bought a ticket off a guy for $5.00 and Jen got a free ticket from a guy whose girlfriend had stood him up. I'm still not sure how we talked our way backstage, but there we were! I'll never forget it.

Now that is cool! Such an adventure.

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Hey all....how absolutely great to finally have an official Zeppelin forum....and such a great looking one at that. I'm Keith Richard (yep, my real name), 45 and I'm a British expat now in San Francisco. Been a Zeppelin fan since I was in school (although it took a while for me to really get into them). Now I believe them to be the greatest band that ever walked planet....and ever will. I was fortunate enough to see 'em at Knebworth on the first date of the two. I am hopeful that the show at o2 will not be a one-off. I've been learning to play guitar for the past five years and a certain Mr. Page is one of my strongest inspirations. This is all very exciting!!!

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Hello, my name is Pieter. From the capitol of sin, Amsterdamned, Holland.

Usually to be found at another board under another name, but got an invite to take a peep here. Looks good i must say. B)

Check out my site for "some" Zep boots and boots from other artists/bands of choice, like Soundgarden, Black Crowes and The Man In Black to name a few.

Have a nice day, all. :)

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Hey gang. BUK here. 52. been a Zep fan since 8th grade. Actually, a Pagey fan since before I knew of him (Donovan and the Kinks). Saw Zep in 75, 77 and Pagey at the ARMS in MSG.

Great new look on the forum and the website.

Fascinated with the Zep obsession, especially with those that were born before their demise.

Great to see you all.

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Hi all, My names Manny, 41 and from Orange County CA,

I've been a devotee of the Mighty Zep since '79. Too young to make it to a show but I've seen Page and Plant a few times over. It's nice to see so many younger fans carrying the torch. I see it all over the place and not just on this forum (and I feel so old for saying that! LOL)

Also really excited about Robert Plants work with Allison Krauss. Probably the last place I need to plug the album but man, "Raising Sand" is a killer piece of work! Nice going, Mr Plant!

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Hi All...

Stingray here...

Thanks for The Great Website!


I'm just the #1 Zeppelin Fan!

Zeppelin Rocks

Zeppelin Rolls

Zeppelin Rules

Forever and Ever

Beyond the End of Time


Just because your not around for a while doesn't mean your Heart, Mind and Soul aren't there!


I'm sure there must be someone who wants tickets to The Show as much as I do, but such nonsense hasn't been verified.

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Hello everyone, I'm Isis. I am 20 and from the U.S. I was a member on the old l-z.com board, but I didn't have that many posts and I hadn't been on for nearly a year.

Thanks to my parents, I've been listening to Zeppelin for as long as I can remember. I guess I've considered myself a fan since I was about 13. I am so happy that the O2 reunion is happening! I won't be there, but nonetheless I am very excited for those who are going to the show. :)

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^ ditto to that, ReR!

I am happy that this move wasn't as traumatic as I thought it would be. :lol:

While I wish we could somehow keep the old forum in some kind of .pdf file for reference or something, I see good things happening here. I do, I do, I do, I do.

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Hi, I'm rockthing, my true identity has been hidden to protect the guilty, er, I mean the innocent. I can tell you that I was born in North Carolina, USA, grew up in West Virginia and attended university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I now live in Nagoya Japan. Seems like most people I know have either stayed in Pittsburgh or gravitated to either New York or San Francisco.

I have vague recollections of hearing Fool In The Rain played on the radio when the news of Bonzo's passing broke and my mother saying, "What is it with these drummers?" (but this is kind of a blur)

My first real Zep experience came when listening to the Memorial Day 500 countdown on FM 102.5 WDVE. It's a countdown of the top 500 songs of all time as voted by listeners via mail-in post cards. It's named after the alternative name for the Indy 500 cause it happens on Memorial Day weekend, a patriotic holiday to remember fallen soldiers.

I was listening attentively on the last day when song number 3 was announced as Led Zeppelin, Black Dog. My family's living room sofa chair quickly became a trampoline as I began to hear the most amazing sounds coming out of the radio. I couldn't believe what I was listening to. The next song was 'Free Bird', but number one was Stairway to Heaven. (seems so obvious now :-) ).

Within a month MTV aired The Song Remains The Same in its entirety and my life was forever changed.

My first Led Zeppelin album (cassette!) was The Song Remains The Same soundtrack.

I saw Robert Plant on the Fate of Nations tour at the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh. Fate, circumstance, or location prevented me from seeing any of the other members in concert. I do not have tickets to O2, but still have the day off!



I have more posts than Chicken!

:) Not anymore! :lol:

Me too.

:) ditto

Yes, I'm a proper member!

I'm a completely improper member! :lol:

Hi All

I saw the boys play twice in 1973 when I was a sophomore in High School. I am briefly in the movie "the song remains the same".

Are you the guy they're leading away with his pants falling down?....

:) just kidding, nice to meet you.

Nice feature of the new board (if you've managed to read this far in my post)

If you click "quote" it saves all of the posts you've clicked and inserts them into your reply.


But there is now a limit to the number of emoticons you can post in one message.

Had to delte some.

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:) Not anymore! :lol:

Some people have hundreds more posts than me already! They must've been up all night on here, but unfortunately some of us have degree work to do. :P

It's bloody brilliant though. :D

I miss the "cheesy" smiley. :'(

Edited by Chicken
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Im Johanna and I live in Sweden. I was a member of the old forum but havent been online for a couple of months so Im really looking forward to start posting again. I like all the new features

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