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Hey all,

A complete newbie here. Love Zep (for years).

Do you if there will ever be a CD release of the DVDs live versions? The ones from the 73 MSG gig showed up on re-relase of TSRTS, but how about the others?

I'd certainly buy the other ones.

Have done some searches of archives here, but seems to gakk on the 2-ltr CD search criteria.

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First off - What does your question have to do with the How the West Was Won?

Second off - No. I have heard no talks of them releasing the DVD audio tracks on CD.

I stand corrected. Had just been listenting to HTWWW on my iPod and had it on the brain, literally!

AFA the DVD audio tracks, that's a shame. The Earls Court and Knebworth performances have some of my favorite song versions. That alternate WLL section is really different and cool.



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