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California Man Lobbies For LED ZEPPELIN 'Star'

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KHSLTV.com reports that a Northern California man is trying to get the legendary rock band LED ZEPPELIN added to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Rocky Dickerson from Chico has started the campaign, complete with a web site and online petition. He says if Britney Spears and Ryan Seacrest deserve stars, so does his favorite rock band. Dickerson says "individually each member of the group is probably the best rock musician, and then together that's multiplied by a factor of 10."

Dickerson's campaign is just getting started. He's already sent press releases to newspapers around the world, and Wednesday he did a radio interview with a station in Ireland. First he needs the approval from the band itself. Then he needs to make is case to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce which approves who gets a star on the famous sidewalk.

If you want to help, log on to www.LedZeppelinStar.com.

Watch a video report from KHSLTV.com.

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The greatest Rock band ever getting a star with the likes of a bunch of Hollywood has beens and never was.....................No thank you.

Couldn't agree more. Yeah, that Ryan Seacrest is a real powerhouse in the talent department, isn't he?

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