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The Uncultured Project


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about 20 minutes ago or so, I was watching the latest five awesome guys video on youtube.

Monday mentioned a project called The Uncultured Project by a fellow youtuber named Shawn Ahmed.

He's raised some money and has some options on what he can do with the money.


you don't have to donate any money but you could

anyway, in his latest video shawn is asking people to vote (via video response) on what he could spend the money.

There are five options:

- Build a Deep Tube Well

- Build a Pond Sand Filter (aka PSF or Biosand Filter)

- Provide 80 Salter Scales to Fight Malnutrition

- Build a School Latrine

- Repair a School Damaged by Cyclone Sidr

After watching the video and joining the group on facebook, I asked myself what more could I do?

All five options are important in different ways. So instead of voting on just one, I've decided to spread word so that it would be possible to do all five.

This is my first stop.

donating money is totally optional

but if each member on here donates 20 dollars

we would have 170,460 dollars

So help spread the word

those of you who are still in school can help by starting a Help the Uncultured Project club.

I remember schools give money to the United Way, so why not this?

I don't know if I'm going to make a difference or not, but I have to try.

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