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Today's Sun: Led Yep, Robert's in for the reunion....


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Hi first post here but been reading here for a while.

It was when I saw the Sun article while surfing I had to come here quick smart to see if any official word was out yet. Oh well waiting continues.

Also to mention my brother almost got to go to "O2" via a radio station (Triple M in Melbourne Australia) give away of tickets but sadly missed out but got a copy of the Mothership CD.

Now he might get his wish but then again........................


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It's going to happen. I believe it. I've believed it for a long time, for no other reason that I just feel it. Maybe I'm guilty of wishful thinking, but if so - guilty as charged and happily so.

If we dream it, they will come ... B)

Best news I've had in a long lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time.

Edit: typo

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Well this "news" from the Sun has been picked up by everyone now,From the NME up!.

If true it is remarkable.I was just this day formulating in my mind the theory that the 3 J's have been hard at work for many months to try and convince and cajole Robert into returning to the fold!,using darstardly and unfair tactics and much subtifuge.

For the love of god, it may have worked!!!. :D

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As Jimmy stated at the MOJO awards....You can't force anyone, it has to be in the spirit of doing it!

Lets hope Robert has found the spirit and the four of them can create something special but different from the past!

Yes. Forgive my initial high spirits,but it is like all of my dream(s) have come true!.you are right of course;for it to be truly successfull and ultimatetly triumphant,it needs to come from the heart,the soul,and the entire font of knowedge garnered from the second half of the 20th century,rather than just from well meaning and expertly placed threats from those who love you.I know that lesson well!.

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That made me LOL for real.

I think the LZ monkeys are fucking with us.

This roller coaster ride is making me sick.

I was beginning to think that the three J's were going to tour without RP. I was feeling bad for RP because his voice just doesn't suit LZ songs anymore (according to other RP fans) but was excited about the three J's and wondering who the mystery singer is...and now this?

I'll chime in here and agree with above.

Rollercoaster ride , threads with continuous babbling and speculation.

Rumors , assumptions , wishes and dreams.

I said this awhile ago , it's not uncommon for a band to use stand-in singers . To tighten the ship.

I think Rob has been onboard all along . Waiting for his AK tour to play out .

Band gets tight , Rob flies in , possible new tracks , summer tour 2009.

The 02 proved he has it in the tank still. Downtuning version , but with power to spare.

See ya there .


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I'm keeping my fingers crossed. The boys each have 200 million reasons to do a tour. However, I don't think they'd be doing it for the money.

I skipped the O2 last year betting that they'd do a tour so I could save $4,000. Keep your fingers crossed, I am.

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There's nothing on Robert Plant's website. They're doing a benefit for Hurricane Ike victims tonight (26th), but there's no other news dated today (though admittedly, the day is young.)

Also... since THIS is the 'official' LZ website, shouldn't there be an announcement here? From what I can trace on the net, the media frenzy is resulting from outlets picking up the story from 'sources', which turn out to be other stories... a rumour can go a long way these days.

I'll believe it when I see a press release. An 'official' type one.

p.s. I want this to happen too - but I'm hearing the tinkle of bells coming from my other leg.

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even if this whole thing is true, i seriously doubt a "tour" will take place.

They may play a few dates here and there ---- like a 3 night gig at MSG, a 3 night stay at the LA Forum, and a few places in bwetween, spaced out by a few days here and there (cities like Cleveland, Dallas, Tampa, Chicago). But its not going to be fast paced and its going to be on their terms. I wouldnt even be surprised if they only play a few cities yet stay a few nights at all of them. They would make good $ cause they wouldnt travel much, and they wouldnt have to worry about too much back and forth craziness on the road. Just hang out at a hotel for a week, play some shows, then hop on a jet and do the same thing in another city.

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Well, according to the Sun, you know.

i also heard on the radio this morning on the wolf (local station) that plant succumbed to the pressure and has accepted to reuinite and tour.

good news!

Yes, I'm sure it was too much for him and he finally just couldn't take it anymore. There, there, Robert, it's alright, the Sun will take care of it now for you.

Economies may fail and banks may falter, but the Sun is always there ready to meet the challenge.

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