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Favorite 2 Led Zeppelin songs off of each album?


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LZI:  Good Times Bad Times / Communication Breakdown

LZII:  Ramble On / Lemon Song

LZIII:  Out of the Tiles / Bron Y aur Stomp

LZIV:  Misty Mountain Hop / When the Levee Breaks

Houses:  Rain Song / No Quarter

Physical (double album, 4 songs):  Trampled Underfoot / Ten Years Gone / In the Light / Black Country Woman

Presence:  Achilles Last Stand / Nobody's Fault but Mine

Song:  Whole Lotta Love and a repeat of Rain Song

Out Door:  In the Evening / Hot Dog

Coda:  Bonzo's Montreaux / Poor Tom

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Led Zeppelin I:

I Can't Quit You / How Many More Times

Led Zeppelin II:

The Lemon Song / Ramble On

Led Zeppelin III:

Celebration Day / That's The Way

Led Zeppelin IV:

The Battle of Evermore / When The Levee Breaks

Houses Of The Holy:

The Remains The Same / Dancing Days

Physical Graffiti:

Custard Pie / Night Flight


For Your Life / Achilles Last Stand

In Through The Outdoor:

In The Evening


We're Gonna Groove / I Can't Quit You








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