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if Jimmy renames the band, what would be a good name?

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um... if Jimmy asked you personally to attend the trio, would you?

oops sorry, just having a giggle on me :bagoverhead:

Well, if Jimmy PERSONALLY asked for MY attendance then hell yeah, I'd be there. But Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and John Bonham without Robert Plant, with tickets starting at something like $100 apeice....Nope. Won't go. Same reason I don't wanna see Queen with Paul Rodgers, 'course they have an excuse, Queen's lead singer is dead. Still, I'd pass.

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"if Jimmy renames the band, what would be a good name?, if Robert's not joining"

Many of us would make the argument that it would be a band, not the band. ;)

Heyhey, and it seems now the name of that band will be Utopia.

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