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if Jimmy renames the band, what would be a good name?


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He's Gone Gone Gone

We're Moving On

No More Ego

The Ego is Gone

We Still Rock, But Not Our Old Singer

The New Voice of Led Zeppelin

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

I can't claim this one but it is my favorite:

The Cowardly Lion

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My favorite band name was Stark Naked and the Car Thieves, and I think it's available again . . .

(Or, they could just call themselves Zeppelin 2008, and update every year they keep it going. In fact, they could overhaul the band every New Year's Eve, toss out anybody who wasn't working out, and start the New Year with the new lineup. They could have a special New Year's Eve show, with door prizes, and fans would be able to bet on who stays or goes. Anybody who gets the boot could do the latenight talk shows, like Survivor rejects.)

(Or not.)

Aqua, you never let me down :lol:

My favourite was Dumpy's Rusty Nuts

However, they are still on the go :D

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This came to me on another thread.

"They who must not be named"!

Isn't JKR into "you know who"?

ahhh, yes. It just brings old memories back. When I was reading her stuff I noticed there's a lot of LZ allusions there. :)

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I think a good name would be PB'n'J or PBJ, you know like Peanut Butter Jelly, but Page, Bonham, Jones

it would be sick if the american guy they're practicing with had a last name starting with an 'N' so that it could be PBNJ ou PB'n'J

also, they might do something simple, like Zeppelin is know for, something like Page, Bonham and Jones (+ other gut lol)

Also, I think PB'n'J sounds really stupid, but would have a great meaning... you know, it's sooooo gooooooooood soooooooooo gooooooooooooooooooooood (yeah, I like The Ocean)

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