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if Jimmy renames the band, what would be a good name?


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How about Crashmir?

A little bit of a double meaning there. I'm sure you can figure it out.

I can think of way more than 2 meanings

Man it helps growing up Yiddish

Growing up in my home, Mir was dish washing liquid...

Satellite anyone?

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Best one I've heard is: Free Beer. (Imagine the marquee: "TONIGHT!! FREE BEER!!!") B)

My vote for best name already taken:


The band thought it would be funny for promoters and bar owners to have to write checks to hookers n blow.......

I saw them play at a local club and they were good.


Originally formed in early 2004 by GUNS-N-ROSES keyboardist DIZZY REED, HOOKERS-N-BLOW seemed like a great way to have some fun and get free drinks in Hollywood, little did anyone that almost 5 years later the "band" that was formed for a few weekend fly-outs would become a cult figure in the GN'R world and one of the most fun and unique "All Star" cover bands in the country.HOOKER N BLOW

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I dont think he is going to rename the band.

maybe pull a Queen.

like Queen plus Paul Rogers (Queen + Paul Rogers)

But be Led Zeppelin plus so-and-so

it will be roughly something around Led Zeppelin. Its not gonna change like The Rovers.

No offense SunChild

None taken. Free association is the name of the game! I'd be ok with Led Zeppelin + since we all know who they are, anyway.

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