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whats your favoirite guitar of all time?

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Having given this topic some thought, it's time to declare my favourite guitar. This is my Gibson ES335TDC - cherry red with dot inlays. Of the 10 instruments I currently own (and amongst the 30 or so guitars that have passed through my hands over the years) it is by far and above the best. The intonation is spot-on, so it plays (and stays) in tune, and it sounds better than all the newer (1968 onwards) Les Pauls I've played. The guitar is now 20 years old, and come hell-or-high-water I will never sell it.


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Playability: Strat (American)

Sound: Gibson ES335


Overall: Martin D28

****** Also own an old Yamaha CW350 that sounds as good as any Martin but doesn't play as well.

Probably the best lower end guitar. (maybe only this particular guitar, never ran across another)

Elec./Acou. : Still go w/ Martin. Also Taylor and high end Ovations.

Hybrid: Taylor T5 Koa top.

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Eddie Van Halen's "Frankentstrat"

And the shiny silver looking bass guitar that John Paul Jones is using in a picture ive seen of them, I think it's a Fender, similar shape to a strat. i dunno what it sounds like but it looks brilliant

And the Telecaster that Bruce Springsteen has on one of his albums, i think it's a greatest hits or something

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For playability Fender Strat, for sound the Les Paul and for looks most Ibanez guitars floats my boat.

True. My guitarist picked up an Ibanez JEM Steve Vai chrome model about a month ago and that's one fine guitar. One of the sharpest i've ever had the privilege to play. Sounds absolutely awesome through a Marshall stack. Another one that doesn't get much mention but can be monster sounding is a Flying V. A lot of cats don't like the way they feel, but i've always had a soft spot for them.

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