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Beautiful Men.

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I'm gonna revive this thread as I found this gorgeous photo of 300's Gerard Butler. Tasty.


And this one of Jason in his bike leathers makes me drool :wub: :wub:


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McSteamy is so very...McSteamy! I don't watch Grey's Anatomy, but I'd heard people talk about him, so I finally looked him up on the net the other day...whew, I gotta start watching that show! :wub: He's like the new and improved version of Leonardo DiCaprio, heh!

Ya know, Patrick Dempsey is undeniably hot, but I'm starting to like him less and less (don't kill me!). Made of Honor? Give me a break! Enchanted is cute and different than your average chick flick, so I'm fine with that, but this Made of Honor thing is just absolute dreck that only the likes of Hugh Grant and Matthew McConaughey would usually have the nerve to star in. No, I take that back, Hugh Grant has better sense when it comes to picking good romance flicks (Matthew there is a whole other story...Fool's Gold? Ugh). Stop while you can, man!!! Don't blow your comeback! You're nice and very cute and I want you to succeed, so think quality!

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