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Beautiful Men.


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Oh yes, I couldn't agree more - British men are very attractive, especially Englishmen.


thats smokin! dave was a hottie for sure, but he didnt age very well, not nearly as well as jimmy.



One more of James May (this time, with Richard Hammond)


P.S. James & Richard were on the Chris Moyles radio show this morning, you can listen to it here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/chrismoyles/ga...30/#gallery2877

since part of the appeal of Brits is of course the dreamy accents...

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Je vous aime beaucoup, Orlando Bloom...


Slave, you're right about Gilmour not aging well -- as someone put it he looks like a Bond villain now -- but wasn't he a vision as young 'un:


np: The Nile Song, Pink Floyd

The subject of Scottish men could take a whole other thread, but here's a couple fine lads:

James McAvoy


Ewan MacGregor


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:yay::thumbsup: at the last two! Ewan and James...two of my mostest favorite people on the planet!


Woo doggie, I'm only an occasional Hugh Jackman fan, but let me tell you, this is one of those occasions!


...and not the most traditionally beautiful of men, but I must admit I love me some Ronnie. He's just awesome like that.

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Well, as the significant other to GAC64, I can assure you that he is quite the hottie, but he's all mine ;) ...as for pic's well...I'll have to try and find the naked one of him...IT"S SO HOT!!!!! Here's my description "soft, chestnut brown, wavy hair, kept short but long enough to run your fingers through, soulful green eys that pierce even the hardest of souls, a sweet sheepish grin, that hides a devilsh smile, the broadest built shoulders and the hardest chest." (Gasp & swoon) Yes, he's adorable!

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