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Beautiful Men.

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Is it weird to have a thing for sailors? Because seriously, there are some cute ones out there...


These two in particular


And this one particularly in particular


Steve McQueen


I like the Donald Duck hats more than the officers' uniforms, but...yeah, it's still hot. And I mean, hello, it's Cary Grant.


Jack Lemmon - and he was actually in the Navy in real life! I just friggin' love Jack Lemmon in general.

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Guess I got a little carried away...too many hot sailors for one post to handle! Oh well, can't let all my good work go to waste! :blush:


Robert Montgomery, who I couldn't find a good picture of. My next series is going to have to be RM by himself because once you get the full view, you'll know what I'm talkin' about here.


Gregory Peck...ok, so not exactly the US Navy, but still a sailor!


Jack Davenport...ditto. The wig doesn't really do it for me, but the uniform is sexy.

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