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Beautiful Men.

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This guy is a little too Republican for my tastes, but I do enjoy looking at him. :D




In the words of Freddie Mercury, "Ride 'em, cowboy!" :D

He is good looking, but a little too douchebag for me. :lol:

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It's the pout isn't it? :lol: That kinda bugs me too, but there's something about those damn truck commercials he does that mix my head all up. :lol:


I think it IS the pout, but I still can't quite put my finger on it. :lol:

It's like he knows that there's a ton of country-music-lovin' women out there, just waitin' for him. (I use the term "country music" loosely here...) :lol:

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Yeah. I can't even say what it is. Maybe it's the characters he plays. He isn't even bad looking as such.

Just not for me.

I get what you are saying. He has played some creepy characters.

He reminds me of a young Paul Newman as far as looks.

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