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Beautiful Men.

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You know who else I think is hot on Lost? I can't think of his character's name at the moment but he always ends his sentences with "Brother". :drool:

Oh yes, Desmond:


v. beautiful!

Fuzzy Merkin, we seem to have almost exactly the same taste--I do soooooooo absolutely adore Paul Bettany and I also find Matthew McConaughey icky for some fairly inexplicable reason...

But let's have more PB:


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Ah yes......very sexy man that Oldman is.......I loved his Dracula....yum!!! :lol:

Ay yes, desmond....thanks....I couldn't remember his name.

:lol: I just got Dracula on dvd so that I could watch the *good* parts (i.e., those with G.O., skipping all Keanu, Sadie, etc.) (though I really did like Anthony Hopkins as Van Helsing).

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Me too! And Paul Bettany! And Ricardo there, even though I don't know who he is (but I'd like to, lol)!

Ricardo is some Italian actor. Don't really know much about him, I just have a HUGE soft spot for beautiful Italian men....

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