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Beautiful Men.

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Jake (the guy in the middle) is not only adorable, but the total package as they say. So i have been watching this season's "The Bachelorette" and hoped Jake would be the man to receive the final rose. He is a Commercial Pilot from Dallas. Well Jillian sent him home this week (one of the final six), lost all of my respect for her... anyway, in the preview of next weeks show, they show Jake returning to tell Jillian about one of the guys who is likely duping her, and in the preview they show him wearing his pilot uniform. It hit me! I swear i flew on one of Jake's flights. I just wish i could remember which one. It was in the past 6 years but i can't recall if it was the last time i flew or a few years back. When i boarded a flight, i thought wow what a cutie when i was greeted by the pilot. He looked very young and sweet. I really think it is him!


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Syd Barrett

That cat's something I can't explain.. :)


And the obligatory Hendrix perm :D

...there is something striking about him...I do love the 60's and 70's rock stars...In these eras men were natural ..there is just something very special about them...some kind of chemistry :D :D

But I must say The King is one of the most beautiful men ever lived on this Planet...



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I hate that guy. I don't know why all teenage girls find Axl hot. I'm sick of all my friends who drool over him. *puke*

He's such a poser.

P.S. No offense ladies! Just my opinion! :)

I have to agree...I just don't find him all that attractive, personality aside, and if you add personality back into the mix, well, then I really don't find him attractive.

But don't let us stop you from posting all the pics of him you want - it's a free thread! :)

Woo - David Tennant! Toootal hottie! Especially with the glasses. :wub:

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