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Beautiful Men.

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YAY! to Johnny, George, and David. :wub: David. God. It's ridiculous how much hotness emanates from him. And can I say how thankful I am that tighter clothes were in style in the 70s? :blush: Robert's pants and David's shirts...rrrow!

Have I posted this before? Oh, probably, but if I don't remember, is it safe to say you won't? ;) I just love this man. He makes beautiful music and gawd I love his eyes.


Would now be the right time to make a "big belt buckle" joke? :angel:


Bad boys in leather jackets. They get me every time.


:sigh: I could just fall right into those eyes.


And just one more and I'll leave you in peace, because I had to do a current shot of him with the huge-ass David Allan Coe beard, hehe. Only a total badass like Jamey (or DAC or Willie Nelson) could get away with that, which is exactly why I love him. Ooh, and more leather jacket-ness, mmm.

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