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Beautiful Men.

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Page 41 will be bookmarked. Oh yes, yes it will. Maybe I should post some pictures of current David since the man is STILL divine.






......and now a shot of younger David just for those who like their posts Gilmourized:


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Lately Ive been having a Brian Jones obsession, so here :)

I love Brian Jones. I think he is the Stone that is the most interesting.

Noel Redding


Jimi Hendrix, and I love his big hat


Peter Daltrey (of the British Kaliedescope)


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Holy smokes, that's a rare one - w/ Gilmour's first group. I don't know where you guys are finding these, but I take my hat off to ye (if I was wearing one).

Speaking of early days, Syd was quite the guyliner pioneer. Probably one of the first men in rock music to wear makeup, after Little Richard of course.

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Woo, those are some nice ones of Jimi! :thumbsup: And thanks sooo much for the Jim M. pics, Magenta! I saw them earlier today, and I've been thinking about him the rest of the day (yeah, I had kind of a boring day, what can I say? ;) ). So, continuing with that theme...






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