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Beautiful Men.


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Ever watched "The Goodbye Girl"? Love that film!

"My body is a temple and I am worshiping it." :hysterical:

Nope, haven't seen it (I haven't even seen Jaws for pete's sake), but I really want to! I heard it was really good.

Wow, I had no idea there were so many hot guys on Lost! Nice. And "yum" at Patrick Dempsey...his type isn't really my type, but he really transcends any sort of category. He's just officially sexier than hell and no one can deny it, hehe.

edit: some pics, since this is a picture thread and all...


Takeshi Kaneshiro...wow! My friend sent me this - she rocks!


Have I posted this before? Psh, who cares!

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I love Kuno Becker! I used to watch him on Mexican soaps. And I don't speak a lick of Spanish!

Isn't he gorgeous?

I have more of Vito. Some of the gals from the last forum will remember my love of him and I hope they forgive me the indulgence of the repeats. :blush:





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I remember him now! From the 2002 World Cup. I remember thinking he looked mean because I never saw him smile. But I also remember thinking how damn fine he was, and even more so now that I've seen him smile! And I don't mind your indulgences one bit!

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