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the triumphant return of Zosodude13


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For those of you who know me!!! I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack!!! :D I was on vacation and when I came back the old forum was a ghost town... now im settled here and ready to start life once again

for those of you who dont know me... my name is Ben... I live in Hilton, NY... im 17 and a senoir in high school and I'm a big fan of Led Zeppelin(of course) and MC5 B)B)B) ...

in fact on vacation... I got 3 new MC5 live albums... the sounds quality isnt amazing but you can hear and feel the energy of those guys...anyway... thats me sorta in a nut shell feel free to PM me or something if you care to find out more! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

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