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What are you listening too

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Here are the albums I've been listening to in the past week:

Goat - The Jesus Lizzard

Alien Lanes - Guided By Voices

The Big Doe Rehab - Ghostface Killah

8 Diagrams - Wu Tang

American Gangster + Jay-Z

So Far - Faust

Pod - The Breeders

Dummy - Portishead


A CD I made of music that will apear in my new movie - Until Tomorrow

"I'm Not There" - Sonic Youth

"Zurich Is Stained" - Pavement

"The Glow Pt 2" - The Microphones

"Good Morning, Captain" - Slint

"Waterloo Sunset" - The Kinks

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The remix cd of Machine Head - Deep Purple

Different guitar solos in Maybe I'm a Leo and uhhh...I forget. Oh yeah...Lazy. And this has the chitter chatter intros just before the songs along the remix of course....

Excellent alternate of the classic album....

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