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What are you listening too

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Man, something about Thom Yorke's voice that makes you want to bawl....can't be that it's bad, because he has an awesome voice.


I'm a man now.

I never cry.

But it will be OK if I do.

I saw my dad cry when I was at his father's funeral.

I love my father ... and it was difficult to witness.

I never want him to feel sorrow.


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please, man..


for the love of god..

and the sake of humanity..

..and my personal sanity..



listen to shorter songs!

The wait between songs to find out what you're

listening to next is driving me batpoop crazy!!


Thank you! :)

great thread, btw. B)

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Comet #9 ... Helium.

Creepy tune.

Makes me think of an old Victorian house that a little girl used to play in.

Until she died of tuberculosis.

I think I knew that girl.

We used to play by the old oak tree in her back yard.

My mom never told me why she went away.

I missed her.

She was my best friend.


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Shit ... now I feel like I have to change the station in order to make you happy.

Lemme look around...

I'll get something else.

I promise.

I'm tired of Helium anyway.

BTW - I got drunk a while back and sent a creepy pm to Mary Timony on her myspace page and told her I would like to take her out for coffee (she's local) and then bring her to my Mandir ... because I thought she would enjoy the cultural experience.


I'm such a creep.

I haven't heard back for some reason ...


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Break On Through-The Doors

And I'm trying to get a demo of Me and Bobby Mcgee to play my brother keeps banging stuff so I can't hear her talk.

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