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What are you listening too

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I'm listening to Sonic Youth's album Sister on my DISCMAN, of all things.

I haven't used this thing in years - had to break it out again with my iPod only running through one channel on headphones right now.

I really hope the repair doesn't cost much.

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Silhouettes - Herman's Hermits

I think it's Jimmy playing the guitar on this....:)

I better go check.

Yep....just found this...

Jimmy Page, who was a session guitarist at the time and went on to form Led Zeppelin, played on this song. In an interview with the Forgotten Hits newsletter, Peter Noone, who was lead singer of Herman's Hermits, addressed the use of outside musicians on their recordings: "The Hermits played on the songs that they played well on. Sometimes other musicians played on tracks, mostly because the band's weakness was our drummer (the nicest guy in the band and therefore irreplaceable) because he had pretty unusual time and was therefore un-overdubbable (my word) so we started using Clem Cattini (Tornadoes) and Jim Page (Yardbirds), John Paul Jones, Herbie Flowers and whoever was around at the time. Lek is the guitarist on 'For Your Love' so you can see he was very good. Jim played on 'Silhouettes' and 'Wonderful World' and, once Karl Green faded, he was replaced on all the recordings by John Paul Jones, who also arranged almost everything and was our genius." (Thanks to Kent at the Forgotten Hits newsletter, which you can join at The60sshop@aol.com.)


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