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What are you listening too

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Nice one......you embellished....so well...:eyesroll:

Sorry, I didn't actually read that entire post…it was slightly long… :blush:

Fine, I was listening to Down By the Seaside from Physical Graffiti because they didn't play it live… so yeah.



Oops, now it's Wild Thing - The Troggs

the first song my band ever played…almost two years ago :lol:

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After trying to figure out what I needed to do to convert flac files of the new Zep show to WAV, I finally was successful. I didn't even deal with conversion.

I just opened my professional plextools software and when I imported the files there was the option of picking the file type. I'd just always done straight WAV, well....there was an option for flac and voila !! AUTOMATIC decoding !!!

I'm now listening to


from PARIS.....October 10, 1969

Yay !!! One day after it was played on French radio...the only time since the original broadcast in 1969 !!!!

Brand NEW and EXCELLENT !!!! :D

That was my Birthday, my 14th Birthday.

I had the brand new Led Zep II album in my possession just a little later that month.....

And my Indoctrination to Hard Rock was begun in a very Big way ! ! ! :banana:

Now listening to White Zombie's SUPERSEXY SWINGIN' SOUNDS ---

Highly recommend it.. :D

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Kewl !!!

I was only 12....haha....but two years later to the day I saw Black Sabbath ! 10-10-71...

And yeah...I LOVE SUPERSEXY SS's !! Great cover art ! B)

You NEED this Paris show !!! :thumbsup:

The art inside is pretty daml cool, as well!! B)

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So your the lead guitarist ?

Yeah, that's me. B)

I love it too !! I seek out the best sounding live versions of it....RAH is tops !!

RAH is absolutely amazing in general. I have to agree though, WIAWSNB is really supreme there. :)

Now I'm listening to The Crunge

I think this song is…interesting…but I love the drums!

Oh, now I'm listening to The Ocean … my band's doing this right now! :hippy:

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Eminence Front - The Who

Does anyone else think the choruses in this song are REALLY sloppy? I mean, the vocals don't match up at all, particularly in the first chorus!

But now I'm listening to

Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution - AC/DC

I haven't really got anything to say about this song, other than that I think it's kind of a fun song.

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How'd you develop such a rich musical interest ?

The boys in my band (I'm the only girl). Well, technically the drummer and the rhythm guitarist…I owe it all to them. I don't even want to discuss what I used to listen to :blush: The bassist and I listened to crap. Cos we hadn't discovered anything we actually liked, so we listened to crap. Weird, I know.

Actually, before I listened to crap, I listened to classical/world music. It was cos I've been playing violin since I was six years old, and my parents really wanted me to do something musical. So they played me all kinds of music. EXCEPT for rock and pop. I had to discover the sixties and seventies on my own.

Black Dog (Southampton 1/22/73) - Led Zeppelin

love this entire bootleg. Amazing. :D

oops, now it's

Gimme Shelter - The Rolling Stones

LOVE this song. One of the best Stones ones.

BTW, my parents don't support my Zeppelin/classic rock obsession. They both completely missed it. My mum cos she was working, my dad cos he claims he was "too old." He's the same age as Bill Wyman.

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you wouldn't believe Robert's fine form on this Paris '69 boot !!

I just heard a train....and it kept' on a rollin' ! :D

You're very happy with that, ain't ya? :lol:

The Lemon Song - Led Zeppelin

Okay, this truly is an awesome song. Great guitar, bass, drums, the works! Vocals…well, ya know, it's actually one of those ones that works pretty damn well with Robert's voice! It used to be my rhythm guitarist's favourite Zep song…

Despite the fact that he introduced me to Zep, he knows far less about them than me! :lol: It's so funny, we had a Zep trivia contest a couple of band practices ago, cos we always have dinner together and he lost on the first question! :hysterical:

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