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My Black Ice Review


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I just saw the headline in The Toronto Star re. their gig last night...Next to the pic of Angus is a headline about the current car industry crisis...BIG 3 ON HIGHWAY TO HELL....the headline for the concert is ACC SALUTES AC/DC..

I'll check out the review....the pic of Angus is great...

I'm editing this rather than make a reply so I don't waste space....the review was great...45,000 at The Rogers Centre formally known as The Skydome...tunes were from BLACK ICE, of course, and the familiar favourites...

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Hi X:

Thanks....ya made my day...I won't be going to the January show (other priorities now) plus it will be winter and I probably won't be able to get to Toronto anyhow from the depths of redneckland....

Juliet :)

PS I won't be buying BI ...maybe Santa will bring it... :santa:

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