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most over looked zeppelin song

Hots on for nowhere

most over looked zeppelin song  

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  1. 1. most over looked zeppelin song

    • night flight
    • south bound saurez
    • hot dog
    • for your life
    • hots on for nowhere

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Yes, Poor Tom because it is very unique, Page's finger picking style in that song is completely different from anything he did before or since. The solo in Hot Dog is perfect, its like a train ready to come off the track, lots of mistakes but positively brilliant mistakes. Either the solo was done like this on purpose or Jimmy got damn lucky. Down by the Seaside is also great along with another very different song, Candy Store Rock. Though hands down Hots on for Nowhere has to be my favorite underrated Zep song.

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I took this to mean "not receiving air time", like on the radio. I guess if you look at it that way, radio DJ's play what's requested and what they like, what the public likes and accepts overall, songs that cross generations, etc etc. They play what sells when talking about todays bands; current music. Zeppelin has been at the top of the classic rock stations list for years and receive tons of air play, still to this day. Yes, some songs are heard quite often like WLL, Rock and Roll, Stairway, FITR, All of My Love, and Dyer Maker. Then theres many songs played on a regular basis, so on and so on. Rarely, do you hear certain songs, but thats the same with the stones, the who, and all the other popular classic rock bands, more so the larger their catalog. With Zeppelin I guess there is certain songs that I favor that very rarely receive air play. In the NW here they have a Saturday noon show on FM radio that lasts 1 hour called "Lunch with Led" . They play an hour of Zep songs with few commercials. I catch it once in a while as from time to time they have zep stories as well. I usually hear the same songs so it seems........would like to hear For your life, Tea for one and everything and anything from HTWWW. Also, seldom do you hear anything from solo work LP's of Page or Jones. once in a while I guess I hear a Firm song like Radioactive.

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"I Gonna Crawl" is pretty overlooked.

my wife and i danced to this song a long time ago. it was the first time i realized i was going to be with this woman for a long time. now, years later, when i feel romantic, i open a bottle of wine, turn the lights down, and play "I'm gonna crawl."

she isn't even a zeppelin fan. but that song gets her every time.

-blue skies

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Me thinks for your life & the rover are the most underrated zep scores, I still think presence represents some of zep's finest work & tea for one is such a superb song, its almost like a sequel to since i've been lovin' you.

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Of those 5, 'Hots on for Nowhere' and 'South Bound Saurez' are probably the most 'overlooked.'

The other three have atleast been performed live (Night Flight; I heard them warm up with it on a bootleg - maybe that doesn't count)

Between these 2, I'd probably say 'Hots on for Nowhere' because I absolutely love the uniqueness of that song.

'South Bound Saurez' is also pretty awesome, but it is also 1 of the 2 songs throughout Zep's career that Page had 'no part' in writing.

Just my opinion, of course. :)

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Your Time Is Gonna Come

Out On The Tiles

That's The Way

Four Sticks

The Rain Song

The Rover

In The Light

The Wanton Song

For Your Life

Royal Orleans

Hots On For Nowhere

Tea For One


I'm Gonna Crawl

Poor Tom

We're Gonna Groove

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1.In the Light

2. In My Time of Dying

3.For Your Life

4. Thank You

5.Tea For One

6.We're Gonna Groove

7.White Summer/Black Moutainside

8..Hot Dog

9.Bring It On Home

10.Thats The Way

Tangerine also such a great song

I love hearing him talk at the beginning,geez,he even talks gorgeous

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