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Favorite date of Zep concerts.

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Ok, here's an idea I've never seen presented here for you bootleg enthusiasts.

Take a date and post the Led Zeppelin shows that commulatively would be your favorite. You can't just pick ONE show it must be at least 2.

Example 6-27-69 London, 6-27-72 Long Beach, 6-27-77 Los Angeles, and 6-27-80 Nuremberg. Thats 4, and maybe a record, I haven't checked completely. Anyway, my favorite date is

8-31 (1969 Texas Pop, 1970 Milwaukee, 1971 Orlando)

What is your favorite month and day?

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Here's an easy one

7/17/73 - Seattle, typical awesome American 73 concert.

7/17/75 - Seattle, Unusually awesome for 75 and features a rare Since I've Been Loving You.

7/17/77 - Seattle, Not a particularly good show for Zeppelin, despite what everyone says Achilles Last Stand from this show is awful Plant can't control his voice, Page's guitar is out of tune for most and sounds terrible. Although it does have it's moments.

Out of what I would rate the shows performance wise, 73= 9/10, 10/10, 6.5/10. I would give very few shows after the 1972 American Tour 10/10.

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4/27/69 Fillmore, 4/27/77 Cleveland

Great choice.I was supposed to be at the latter 4/27 or the 28th.Which the only way you could get tix was thru the mail.Mine came back "Return to sender,sold out"I cut out the article the next morning.

Here's the article from the 27th and the reason you couldn't hang around Richfield and look for tix.


1975 fucked it up for 77 :D It is an awesome review!

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March 21st:

1970 Vancouver, BC

1973 Hamburg

1975 Seattle

The old "Mudslide" broadcast. The Hamburg show is a great one even though the soundboard portion is only in bits and pieces, but they do a great version of WLL. Love the version You're So Square and Let's Have a Party from the medley. It also contains one of the wildest theramin pieces by Jimmy.

Also love your choices Sam regarding the 4/27 shows.

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